Adult diapers description and types.

Adult diapers description and types.

What are adult diapers?  A diaper is an absorptive undergarment designed to be worn by adults who suffer from various medical conditions such as incontinence, mobility impairment, or dementia.  It is typically used to keep the wearer dry in the instance of urine flow or loss of bladder function.  They may also be used for fecal or bowel incontinence protection.

Adult diapers are also referred to as briefs, absorbent products, protective underwear, absorbent underpants or nappies. There are many types and styles that range in price and performance levels from light, moderate, heavy and overnight incontinence wetness protection.

Types of product styles include diapers with tape tabs, pull up underwear, overnight protection, cloth like backing, breathable briefs and specialty XXL size bariatric diapers.  Prices vary widely by brand, style and absorption levels.

Individuals dealing with incontinence or some other condition requiring some sort of absorbent undergarment can find it frustrating when purchasing supplies.  Most retail locations sell their incontinence products by the bag and lack product selection, proper sizes and quantities.  In addition, most retail brand diaper products do not perform nearly as well as products specifically made for health care facilities and distributed by health care facility dealers.

There are many home health dealers that sell adult diaper products online and usually have the selection and performance needed by the end user.  Many come and many go.  Finding the right one that can deliver consistently and keep costs down is the challenge. has been around since 1999 and has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!  We look forward to servicing your healthcare needs.

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