SAF-Clens® AF Dermal Wound Cleanser 12 oz. Spray Bottle


SKU: WCMK-97122100



SAF-Clens AF Dermal Wound Cleanser is a surfactant-containing formula that washes away debris that saline may leave behind. Its no-rinse formula saves time and its nozzle adjusts from stream to spray for varying wound cleansing needs.

Will not damage delicate, healing tissue and is indicated for use on multiple dermal lesions, both chronic and acute, stage I-IV pressure ulcers, stasis, diabetic and foot ulcers, post surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, and cuts, abrasions and minor skin irritations.

SAF-Clens is a gentle, non-irritating formula. Non-traumatic wound cleansing enhances patient comfort. Non-ionic surfactant won't harm fragile tissue or compromise natural healing process. Physiologically balanced surfactants are compatible with the normal pH of the skin.

Effectively removes debris, slough, and eschar of chronic wounds and cleans better than normal saline. Ready to use trigger spray will save you time and money. Saline should be discarded after 24 hours of opening. One bottle of SAF-Clens can be used for the duration of a wound.

Packaged: 12 Oz Spray Bottle, Sold by the Each.


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